Be aware.  Be empowered.


Our goal is to instruct and empower as many women as possible.

We believe in raising awareness and teach life-saving skills and techniques.

Our classes include ‘Basic Principles of Self Defense’, ‘Getting the Upperhand On Your Attacker’, and ‘Using Your Voice’.


We typically hold classes at Kid’s World in Ionia and Horrock’s Garden Center in the yoga garden.  However, if you are unable to attend these locations and have 4-15 friends who are willing to attend, then we are willing to bring the class to your home or business anywhere across Michigan.  Classes are for women only and you are required to be 18 or older.  We will allow girls as young as 12 if they are accompanied by an adult and have a signed liability waiver.

We also hold Parent/Child Safety & Self Defense Classes. These classes are for parents and children aged 5-12.  We teach children the 4 safety rules and some very helpful defense techniques that can be used in any situation, from bullying to abduction.  We talk with the parents on how to work continually with their kids on safety and self defense.  To find out how to bring this class to you or to find out when there is one scheduled please contact us.

Our Instructors

Our lead instructors are certified through Jane Jitsu Women Empowerment.  This program is worldwide, but we are the only certified instructors in the state of Michigan.

We believe knowledge is power.

We believe in arming women with personal safety information and life saving self defense techniques.