1. Trust your instincts. If your gut is telling you that you should not be alone with someone, leave.  If you feel the party you are at is getting a little too out of control, get out.  If you are starting to get creeped out by how someone is looking at you or what they are saying to you, call a cab or find a friend.

2. Be Prepared. Before you go out make sure your phone Dis fully charged, carry some cash, and have the number of a cab company programmed in your phone.

3. Don’t share too much on-line about what your plans are.  61% of attackers are known by the victim.


4. Stick together with your friends or let them know where you are going.  It does not hurt to have a code word to alert a friend if you are getting uncomfortable.

5. Be aware of your alcohol consumption.  My first recommendation is don’t drink especially if you are under age, but if you are going to have a drink know your limits.  There is no disputing the fact that alcohol compromises your ability to make responsible decisions and be accurately aware of your situation.  Over half of sexual assaults among college students involve alcohol.

6. If you do have a drink do not let it out of your site. You never know when someone might slip something into your drink.  If you leave it unattended, get a new drink.  Never accept a drink from someone you did not see poured.

7. Be ready to speak up to help someone out.  If a situation seems wrong, step up.  Find others to support you and then offer some distraction to rescue a friend or peer from a questionable situation.


8. Keep your eyes scanning-stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings.

9. Keep your ears listening -Don’t have earphones

10. Keep your feet moving-Walk with a purpose

11. Choose a smart route-Try to stick to well traveled areas even if it is not the most direct path


12. Tell a friend where you are going

13. Don’t compromise your standards-Set your boundaries and be firm…I don’t want to is a good enough reason

14. Understand that consent to sexual activity can be with drown at ANY time

15. If your date is making you uncomfortable call a friend and use a code word, or if you can make and excuse and leave.

Information sited from TheHopeLine.com