We stayed on Mackinac Island Wednesday June 20th-21st, it was always something I have wanted to do; check out the nightlife there. I have come to realize although heavily populated and exciting during the day; so many dangers at night. As one employee stated “Being on the island you think your safe but that’s when things really happen.”

We had entered a bar called Horns to have dinner and dance around 10:15p.   Around 11:30pm Wednesday June 20th we noticed 4 men and a young lady enter the bar.  They were not dancing or drinking just watching this young lady; she was 19 and works in a fudge shop on the Island.  My friend approached her to let her know about the people watching her.  She then asked if we were there talking to her cause of what’s been going on; she said; “ a lot of her girlfriends on the Island are being raped.”  Shortly after their conversation started, one of the men made a phone call, stepped outside then re-entered with 8 large men who surrounded the dance floor; two of them tried to dance/get to the young girl; my friends blocked them, as I was sitting at our table keeping a close eye on our drinks and what was happening.   We then told her that this was not a safe situation and offered to walk her out of the bar.

 There were so many things that my friends and I noticed because of our education and training with this group that were Trafficking and predator red flags. These dangers are everywhere and the key to your safety is education and awareness. Remember knowledge is power the more you know the safer you will be.

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