Stay in well-lit areas and NEVER talk to strangers nor take rides offered from anyone.

Walking/biking alone can be unsafe, have a friend with you.

Familiarize your child with the neighborhood – show them the safe places they can go if they need help, such as the fire station,

police station, trusted stores, or business offices. Teach them to report suspicious people to you, teachers, police officers or responsible adults.

Be sure your child knows your home address and number along with the phone number of another trusted adult.

Let your child know who their emergency contacts are and who is authorized to pick them up from school. Have your child check

with a school official if someone known and familiar attempts to pick them up from school but is not on the authorized list.

Practice walking to school or to the bus stop and riding a bike before the first day of school. The practice will help you feel at ease

on the first day of school and your child to feel comfortable and confident. If possible follow the routine the first couple of days.

The first day of school in particular is a very confusing and hectic day for all.

If your child is approached or followed by a suspicious person or vehicle:


Run away in the opposite direction

Run to a safe place/location

Call 911

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