College Campus Safety Tips

1. Practice, practice, practice being in the moment, being truly aware of your surroundings….ESPECIALLY when you are alone…learn to look at the world from a DEFENSIVE POINT OF VIEW… learn to assess potential threatening situations and BE PREPARED TO ACT if necessary….ACT, depending on the circumstances, preferably entails  quickly removing yourself from the perceived or potential threat in a confident and controlled manner if possible…or…ACT may mean physically defending yourself against an attacker

2. ALWAYS look in your car, front and back seat areas, before you enter it…day or night

3. Whenever possible, travel in groups of 2 or 3 when on campus and off campus…especially at night

4. Make certain the exterior entrance and emergency exit in the home/building you reside is well‐lit

5. Have 911 on speed dial on your cell phone 6. When in doubt, call campus security to escort you to your place of residence after dark…speed dial next to 911

7. Carry yourself with confidence and dignity…look passers‐by in the eye

8. When walking, carry a whistle in your hand or on a band about your wrist

9. ALWAYS carry a small, metal flashlight

10. Check with local/campus ordinances and, when lawful, carry some type of pepper spray where it is easily accessible on your person or any other type of objects that can be used as a weapon (keys, nail file, pen, etc.)

11. When dating…double‐date…and even then, meet your date(s) at a predetermined location…valet park if possible…let one or two other friends know exactly who you’ll be meeting on the date and where

12. Invest in yourself and your own safety by taking a self‐defense course specifically for women

13. Stay away from alcohol…if you feel the need to experiment with alcohol when in college, understand that losing control of your faculties and inhibitions makes you more likely to become a victim of sexual assault…if you must go “out‐on‐the‐town:

A‐ Arrange for a taxi or car service to pick you up at a pre‐planned location and time to convey you back to your place of residence…being safe IS NOT being a drag or a “spoiled‐ sport”
B‐ NEVER accept a ride home from a new acquaintance or from ANYONE who has been drinking alcohol C‐ Limit yourself to 2 drinks…stay in control
D‐ ALWAYS obtain your own drinks from the bartender/barmaid…ALWAYS hold your drink in your hand and  keep it in your possession until finished with it
E‐ ALWAYS inform a 3rd party (not in your group) where you are going and what time you intend to be back for the evening
F‐ No matter where you are or what you are doing, KNOW that calling a parent/relative is NEVER a bad decision